Event Calendar

Wet shaving events, from regional meet-ups to artisan releases and anything else that's time sensitive. We'll try and keep this populated and up-to-date but if you notice something isn't listed or would like it to be - contact us!


Dr. Jon's - Krampus (Pre-order)

Mickey Lee Soapworks Releases

Black Ship Grooming Co. - Ghost Ship

Wholly Kaw - Dark Vetiver (Pre-order)

DCCS Winter Reserve Announced

Barrister and Mann Releases

K Shave Worx Black Friday Releases

MdC Limited Edition Releases

L&L Grooming - Unconditional Surrender

Barrister and Mann Releases

Chatillon Lux - Colonia Balsamica

L&L Grooming - Original

Caties Bubbles - Berry Good Noah

Chatillon Lux - BBB (Surplus)

Chiseled Face - Civet (Pre-order)

Wholly Kaw - Man from Mayfair

Henri et Victoria Releases

L&L Grooming - Mayflower

Phoenix and Beau - Imperial Rum

Phoenix and Beau Releases (Pre-order)

Dr. Jon's - Flowers in the Dark

Tallow + Steel Releases

Wholly Kaw - Chypre Rose Concerto (Pre-order)

Barrister and Mann Releases

Mickey Lee Soapworks - Paradise Frost

Chatillon Lux/L&L Grooming - Bon Vivant

Chatillon Lux/L&L Grooming - Catalan's Prairie

Chatillon Lux/L&L Grooming - Rose Santal

Barrister and Mann Releases

Wholly Kaw - Dance of Agrumes (Pre-order)

Phoenix and Beau - Oberon (Pre-order)

L&L Grooming - Southern Paradise

Phoenix and Beau - Pall Mall

Wholly Kaw - King of Oud (Pre-order)

L&L Grooming - Champs de Lavande

Chatillon Lux - Pure Lavender

Tallow + Steel - West Coast IPA

Wholly Kaw/Chatillon Lux - Yuzu/Rose/Patchouli

Phoenix and Beau - Whitechapel (Pre-order)

Dr. Jon's - Blood Oath (Pre-order)

Barrister and Mann Releases

Mickey Lee Soapworks - Bodhisattva

Wholly Kaw - Merchant of Tobacco (Pre-order)

Phoenix and Beau - Borealis (Pre-order)

Black Ship Grooming Co. - Ghost Ship

Dr. Jon's - Crystal Lake (Pre-order)

Mickey Lee Soapworks - Unforgiven

Barrister and Mann - Fougère Gothique

Oleo Soapworks - Xocolātl

Black Ship Grooming Co. - Cap'n Dark Side

DCCS - Winter Reserve (Pre-order)

Barrister and Mann - Adumbrare

Chatillon Lux - La Forêt de Liguest

Storybook Soapworks Releases

Wholly Kaw - Fougére Bouqet EdT/EdP (Pre-order)

L&L Grooming - Try This Soap

Barrister and Mann Releases

Barrister and Mann Releases

Wholly Kaw - Project Leather (Pre-order)

Storybook Soapworks Releases

Dr. Jon's - Essentials Launch

Wholly Kaw - Cuero Oscuro SE

The Sudsy Soapery - Delor de Treget

Declaration Grooming Releases

Dr. Jon's - 13 (Pre-order)

Australian Private Reserve - Coolbah

Wholly Kaw - La Fougère Parfaite

Barrister and Mann - Sinfonia

Barrister and Mann Releases

Wholly Kaw - Lav Sublime

Chatillon Lux - Santal Auster

Barrister and Mann - Bay Rum

Declaration Grooming - Unconditional Surrender

Barrister and Mann - 42

Chatillon Lux Releases

Storybook Soapworks - Hallward's Dream

Barrister and Mann - Seville (BR)

Barrister and Mann Releases

First Canadian Shave - Mojito Chill

Wholly Kaw - Padre Leone

Ariana & Evans - Summer Fig

Tallow + Steel Releases

Chatillon Lux - Summertime Chill Aftershaves

Declaration Grooming - Icarus Base Releases

Phoenix and Beau - Trafalgar

Wholly Kaw - Agrumi in Estate

Mickey Lee Soapworks Releases

Barrister and Mann - Hallows (Pre-order)

Wholly Kaw - Dance of Agrumes

Barrister and Mann Releases

Declaration Grooming - Autumn Releases

Wholly Kaw - Pasha's Pride

Barrister and Mann Releases

Chatillon Lux - Lamplight Penance

Wholly Kaw - King of Bourbon

Mickey Lee Soapworks Releases

Talbot Shaving - Coles Pond

Barrister and Mann - Beaudelaire

Barrister and Mann - Fougére EDTs

Barrister and Mann - Behold the Whatsis!

Talbot Shaving - Mont Ventoux

Barrister and Mann - Diamond

Barrister and Mann - Saeryan

Barrister and Mann - 42

Barrister and Mann - Terror

Tallow + Steel - Yakushima

Barrister and Mann & Maggard Razors - Fougére Releases

Barrister and Mann - Lyssa

Barrister and Mann - Winter Releases