Storybook Soapworks Releases

December 14, 2017 (Thursday) 10:00am EST

Storybook Soapworks - Hook

Storybook Soapworks - Shaken

Generally available on December 14, 2017 @ 10am EST.

Limited quantities of both Hook and Shaken will be available, joined by EdP releases for both at $35.

Hook is built upon an accord of Cedarwood, French oak, gunpowder, leather, and sandalwood. Notes of ocean spray, crocodile tears, rum, and just a little spark of madness build upon this blend to offer a scent that is perfect for anyone who has ever wanted to sail the high seas.

Shaken takes you deep into the world of espionage with notes of gin, tobacco, carnation, gunpowder, paper money, sandalwood and musk. Perfect for use when you’re attending a game of high stakes baccarat, seducing your archnemesis’ henchmistress, narrowly avoiding a violent death, or speeding along in your shiny Aston Martin. The scent for every debonaire who knows exactly how he likes his martinis.