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New Occam's Razor Crowdfunding

Occam's Razor

Another crowdfunding razor project is spinning up on Kickstarter; this time from The Blades Grim and it's called Occam's Razor. The #razor promises to simplify your life and your shaving with easy blade loading and extraction, easy cleaning and anti-clog design and no more skin irritation, razor burn or razor bumps. It will be made from stainless steel and come with a lifetime warranty.


Scapers Shaving Invention for "Down Under"

Scapers Shaving Render

Troy, from Surrey British Columbia believes he has invented the solution to shave your more... Tender bits "down under." Essentially an electric #razor with interchangeable, purpose-built heads. You can get more information on the Scapers Shaving website and if you're interested, he's got a campaign on Indiegogo that you can check out as well.