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Stop Digging for Gold (a New Kind of Gouging)

Only a few scoops were removed...

A somewhat satirical, yet unfortunately serious look at the newest trend in wet shaving... Seen more and more on the buy/sell/trade (BST) forums. "Scooping" as it's called, is a euphemism for "I gouged this soap to death." This is usually accompanied by an asking price approaching (if not exceeding) retail in the belief that being "untouched by a brush" somehow preserves the newness - like handling a priceless Van Gogh with white gloves.


Curing Common Shaving Brush Woes

A whorl in a synthetic knot

New shaving brushes are awesome, aren't they? With some basic care, most will last many years and some perhaps, your lifetime. Sometimes though, they develop... Issues. With better brushes being as expensive they are, the idea of an early demise is not a welcome one. So let's take a look at some of the most common issues - and how to fix them!