Cleaning Your DE Razors

A typical three-piece DE razor

Has your good razor gone bad? Not shaving like it used to? Clean it! Here's how - and why.

DE razors will invariably build up soap scum and wax residue from the blades over time. This affects not only precision fit of the parts but also creates a bit of drag on the face. Well, that's the theory anyway!

What I do is, once in a while when they start looking grungy, is to take it apart and grab an old toothbrush. Put a little dab of dish soap (painted, aluminum or anodized) or toothpaste (chrome, brass, titanium etc.) on the brush and clean each part of the razor thoroughly. Make sure to get into all the grooves and the comb of OC razors. Rinse under water, dry and throw in a fresh blade. Voila!

On complex adjustables like the #Merkur #Futur, this involves even more pieces. I'll even lubricate the threads (with ChapStick) to make for easier adjusting.

If you have raw metal razors, made of stainless, brass, bronze or chrome and the like, you can restore a mirror like polish with a product called Nevr-Dull. It comes in a small can, and is essentially treated cotton wadding. Start with a bit more pressure and work your way to lighter pressure over every bit of the razor and then clean with a soft cloth like a T-shirt or a microfiber cloth. Repeat until satisfied.

The razor should perform a little better for you, and certainly look a lot nicer. One word of caution though; forgo the toothpaste on satin finish razors as it may cause bright spots... Toothpaste is a mild abrasive after all, and why this "prison trick" works to shine jewelry!

Enjoy - and happy shaving, gentlemen!