West Coast Shaving Introducing New Soap Line

New Shaving Soap Line from WCS

West Coast Shaving is introducing a new line of scents that will be available in a duck fat soap and a vegan jojoba oil cream. They write, "We really think that these are some of the best bases in the wet shaving market. We wanted to offer both so regardless of our customer’s preferences they would be able to enjoy these wonderful scents."

Shopify Sites Down (Again)

Shopify shops are down

Back in 2016 there was a DDoS attack which caused the outage of Shopify and Etsy (which many wet shaving artisans use). Well, it looks like something's afoot again. While you can reach the site itself as well as the shop URLs, they all respond with "Sorry, this shop is currently unavailable." See the prior article for some of the sites affected or manually go through our list of links. A little Monday #drama for you.


Thanks for the Free Advertising!

Win!  Free!  Giveaway!

Not a new thing on social media or even wet shaving, but definitely an ever-increasing trend... Vendors and artisans getting their fans, friends and followers to advertise for them on social media - for free. You can easily spot the bait in posts with words like "win" or "giveaway" where of course, one of the requirements is to reshare on your own social media channel(s). Here's how it works...

High-end Men's Cashmere Sweater for Cheap

Land's End Cashmere Aran Crew

Okay, granted - this is normally a shaving blog but I came across a deal that I simply had to share (after I secured my own, that is). I'm sure you're all familiar with Land's End - they make very high quality stuff with a great warranty (similar to L.L. Bean and J. Crew). I swear by all three of them. Anyway, for today only - get 50% any one item by using code CHERISH/8075. Of course, the first thing that came to mind is this Men's Cashmere Aran Crew Sweater that normally goes for $398. Hey, it's cashmere - and the best available, no less. Use the code and save $199. YOLO, right? Can't wait for this #MailCall.


The Passiflora Horror

Barrister and Mann "Passiflora"

Another week, another shaving #drama. This time it's centered around a soap-only release from Barrister and Mann called Passiflora - the rub being that it was to be offered exclusively to the Shaving Shop Club membership. In principle, it sounds as though it should've gone as planned. But of course you know that's never a given... Little did we know what would go down as another infamous implosion.