Shopify Sites Down (Again)

Shopify shops are down

Back in 2016 there was a DDoS attack which caused the outage of Shopify and Etsy (which many wet shaving artisans use). Well, it looks like something's afoot again. While you can reach the site itself as well as the shop URLs, they all respond with "Sorry, this shop is currently unavailable." See the prior article for some of the sites affected or manually go through our list of links. A little Monday #drama for you.


Top & Bottom - Ten Artisans of 2017

It's that time of year again... The list for 2016 last year proved to be the most popular post of all time! Today I'd like to post about the "top artisans" of this year, 2017 - both good and bad. It was a banner year with a huge list of releases. Not only those that have brought remarkable performance to shaving software, from soaps to aftershaves, or all these incredible scents... But those that have refined the state of the art[isan] in the market with packaging and presentation, collaboration with other artisans or have worked extremely hard to bring us our simple joys every morning...

Two Artisans Closed Their Doors Today

Out of Business

As we're probably all aware, the artisanal wet shaving market, while a bit of a niche - is a very crowded one. Competition has gotten pretty strong since the early days (only a few short years ago) and especially over the last year or so. One by one, some have decided to drop out for various reasons, be they business or personal. Today we learn of two artisans that have decided to do just that.