Company specific (as opposed to an artisan) - typically mass produced by an established business.

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Not a new thing on social media or even wet shaving, but definitely an ever-increasing trend... Vendors and artisans getting their fans, friends and followers to advertise for them on social media - for free. You can easily spot the bait in posts with words like "win" or "giveaway" where of course, one of the requirements is to reshare on your own social media channel(s). Here's how it works...

PolSilver "Super Iridium" Blades Being Discontinued

PolSilver "Super Iridium" Razor Blades

Horror of horrors! This is no Halloween trick, folks. Near the end of the summer, there were rumblings that the PolSilver Super Iridium blade were being discontinued. I checked with my sources that deal with them in huge quantities at the time and it was debunked. However, a recent notification (the second of such) - reared its ugly head once again. Again, I checked with one of my suppliers and unfortunately... This time it's true. I've reached out to another for comment. My favorite blade, the #PolSilver, will be no more. Time to stock up - and stock up hard! Updated - see below!


Coming Soon - The Mühle Rocca Razor

Mühle "Rocca" Razor

German company #Mühle of #R89 and #R41 fame, among many, many other great products... Is introducing a new razor called the Rocca soon. They've been teasing it on social media with hashtags such as DLC and Jet which we can only assume means it will have a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) as they have used in the past (the Mühle R89 Jet produced in a limited edition of 500 - that sold out in only two days). It also looks to be a new design rather than just a new finish on an existing #razor. The name "Rocca" is rather ambiguous. Details are still very scant, as is the release date. Enjoy the teaser photos in the meantime and I'll keep you posted! UPDATED - see below!

I Coloniali Mango Cream Discontinued?

I Coloniali Mango Shaving Cream

There have been several reports by various vendors that I Coloniali Mango Shaving Cream has been discontinued. This would be a real shame if true. While it's probably not a #soap that appears in every den; perhaps it should have. Well known for its terracota pot, containing 100ml (3.4oz.) of mango oil infused goodness. Those that have used it say it's fantastic.


OneBlade in Trouble

The Overpriced OneBlade

The crazy overpriced OneBlade #razor appears to have an issue. The regular razor is $299, and you can opt for a low-serialed "collector's edition" for a cool $1,000. If you want it in black, be prepared to shell out $2,500. And it is suggested that you replace the blade for every shave... At $.93 each. But all of that is irrelevant as it appears that the very Feather blades they sell and recommend, "smile" when inserted into the latest razors. That is, they're not held flat as they should be - rather, they bow down in the middle, in effect, looking like the blade is smiling. They've been quiet on the matter, but not the shaving forums; for example, the lengthy threads on DFS and Shave Nook to name a couple. The best advice right now - is stay away until this #drama is sorted, maybe with a fresh batch.