Coming Soon - The Mühle Rocca Razor


German company #Mühle of #R89 and #R41 fame, among many, many other great products... Is introducing a new razor called the Rocca soon. They've been teasing it on social media with hashtags such as DLC and Jet which we can only assume means it will have a Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) as they have used in the past (the Mühle R89 Jet produced in a limited edition of 500 - that sold out in only two days). It also looks to be a new design rather than just a new finish on an existing #razor. The name "Rocca" is rather ambiguous. Details are still very scant, as is the release date. Enjoy the teaser photos in the meantime and I'll keep you posted!


We have the details...

At the request of the photographer of the pictures, they were removed from the above gallery, but pictures of the razor and brush combos can still be seen on someone's Dropbox here, here, here and here. Sorry, those got pulled also.

It will be released in November!

Translated German press release:

Stainless steel edition combines puristic design with further developed functionality

Rocca [rɔkka], means fortress in Italian and stands for resistance and constancy. The new product series from the MÜHLE manufactory translates these properties uncompromisingly through the choice of materials and underlines these with an elegant and retired form. Straightforwardness, haptics and ergonomics were at the forefront in the further development of the MÜHLE design.

The newly developed geometry of the stainless steel razor from the Rocca series promises an even smoother shave with an extremely thorough result. The blade slides tightly over the skin, resulting in a faster and even more effective shave, more beard hair can be removed with only one line. In contrast to the old classic razors, MÜHLE deliberately refrains from the opening on the underside of the razor and accentuates the linear design of the series.

Style combined with naturalness is reflected in birch bark laminate, which decorates the handles of the razor and shaving brush. The particularly long-lasting raw material convinces because of its stability, hydrophobic and antiseptic properties. Birkenrindenlaminat feels particularly comfortable in the hand and is even in the wet condition non-slip. The upper and lower parts of durable stainless steel additionally ensure a consistently high-quality shaving quality.

In another version of the Rocca series, razors and brushes, in addition to the purist-clean stainless steel design, are characterized by a center piece with matte black honeycomb structure. The extension Rocca Jet also has a diamond-like carbon coating, a diamond-like carbon coating which gives it a completely black look. In line with the MÜHLE R89 Jet, the first DLC coated razor, which came out in limited edition in December 2013 and sold out in just a few days, Rocca now offers this model in series.

The Rocca brush heads can be unscrewed and can be changed. The series is thus not only applicable in all of the hair qualities offered by MÜHLE, but at the same time optimizes its extremely long service life.


Since 1945, the traditional brand MÜHLE Rasurkultur has been offering a high-quality, internationally distributed full range for the wet razor. The collection includes brushes, holders, shavers, planers and shaving sets. The wet-brush series MÜHLE SKINCARE and the BDiH-certified natural cosmetics series MÜHLE ORGANIC with shaving soaps, creams and after shave lotions are particularly nourishing. Stylish accessories such as crucibles, bowls, soap dispensers, mirrors and rice sets supplement the product range of the manufactory from the Saxon Erzgebirge.

UPDATE (11/28/16):

An update on the status of the Rocca with info from Mühle USA... There are three models; the R96 (cheaper, basic model) which is black with a silver head, the R96JET which is jet black in DLC and the R95 which is birch bark. The former will go for $179 while the latter two will go for $199, razors only - the matching brushes are $189-219 (available in both Silvertip Fibre and silvertip badger). Availability is still some two weeks away.

While the material is stainless steel, the hardware is cast (see last photo, above) and not machined - which really makes the price a bit... Out of line, IMO.

First, the intro text for all three models:

ROCCA – Safety razor from MÜHLE – handle made of stainless steel

Beautifully simple, yet particularly masculine: This is the new ROCCA range of products. A little more modern, and more distinctive than much of what is known from MÜHLE, they are made from the finest and most durable stainless steel. But it has been worth the effort: These products are particularly durable and robust.

The satin or slightly matt finish not only feels good in your hand, but is also pleasing to the eye and creates an elegant effect.

Even with all of these new details, ROCCA’s heritage is still very evident. The design of this range is a further development of classic MÜHLE models; the name ROCCA (from the Italian for castle or fort) refers to the very best materials – and also to the fact that a MÜHLE product will last a lifetime and beyond.

No frills, but with fine extras: The ROCCA razor could not be clearer or more masculine. Its uninterrupted lines from attachment to base ­make it both beautiful and practical: Thanks to its ergonomic shape and the surface structure of the handle, it feels good in your hand. As connoisseurs say: It has grip. It turns an everyday ritual into a daily design experience.

Here's a description of the R96JET model:

The Material – Stainless Steel

The surface structure of the black handle is a modern interpretation of the knurl on the handle of a classic safety razor. The honeycomb-like structure not only provides a contrasting accent to the satin-finished stainless steel, but is also very tactile, offering excellent grip.

The outer shell of the razor features a stylish DLC coating. DLC coatings were originally developed for the automotive and racing sector. The diamond-like carbon layers are many times harder than steel and extremely durable.

Weight: 120g

Here's a description of the R95 model:

The Material – Birch Bark

For thousands of years birch-bark held a similar technical ranking to that of synthetic materials in today’s modern world. With the varied and, at the same time, discrete texture, the bark convinces at first touch with its pleasant, comfortable velvet-warm feel. The material is extremely long-lasting, easy to grip, even when wet and easy to care for.

Weight: 80g

And finally, a description of the basic R96 model:

The Material – Stainless Steel

The surface structure of the black handle is a modern interpretation of the knurl on the handle of a classic safety razor. The honeycomb-like structure not only provides a contrasting accent to the satin-finished stainless steel, but is also very tactile, offering excellent grip.

Weight: 80g

UPDATE (12/02/16):

The gear is slowly getting out; mostly in Europe right now, but keep an eye out!