SOTD - August 14, 2015


Shaving Product Review - Speick "Men/Natural"

#CreamWeek continues with this SOTD and another classic shaving product - SPEICK! Well-known and loved by all that have used it... With good reason!

Like Tabac - Speick is another outstanding German product line that's been around for ages (85 years in this case) and those that know... Know. The hook of Speick is the use of Alpine Valerian also known as the speick plant, and where the company gets its name - and the only one allowed to use the plant, which also grows in only one place in the world - the Nockberge (mountains), Austria. The health benefits are many and the scent unique, highly herbal.

The software today is all #speick and includes the shaving #cream, #aftershave, #deo (not pictured) and #EdC. It's an inexpensive drugstore staple in Germany and beyond. The cream produces an outstanding, high-cushion, slick lather of a yogurty consistency. It has a certain "pillowy softness" to it that I've never felt with any other product; soap or cream. The aftershave is truly outstanding but especially the balm! The skin-healing goodness contained within is some of the best you can find anywhere. If you tore up your face, try the balm. It will cure all your ills.

The deo is decent and comes in a tiny stick. A little goes a long way and smells like it should. The cologne on the other hand, is disappointing. It does not share the same speick-ish scent but rather is a very citrusy, lemony affair. Not that I mind; I love the smell of it. But it's not speick. It also doesn't have the best longevity - half a day, tops.

The hardware is a bit interesting today. Not so much the #BSB Shaving Brush or the #GTP scuttle that I've been using, especially for #CreamWeek ... But my brand new #Mühle #R89 razor (head) that I got in yesterday's #MailCall ( I'm using it with my stainless steel iKon Bulldog handle (typically used with my #R41 head).

This head is also know as the EJ89, from Edwin Jagger. Mühle makes it for them (as well as the knot in the BSB actually). It came around in 2009 and is found in a LOT of razors out there. It's a mild shave, but efficient. I'd rate it a little more so than my shimmed #Feather AS-D2. I was able to get a BBS shave with little effort. I wanted something in this range as my other razors are (a lot) more aggressive. I predict we'll have many happy shaves together...

So there it is, gang! The Speick Experience. It's a complete product line that really, everyone should try. I'll never be without the cream, aftershave and balm at the very least. The cologne I wouldn't buy again (nor do I really recommend it). Shave on, brothers!