OneBlade in Trouble

The Overpriced OneBlade

The crazy overpriced OneBlade #razor appears to have an issue. The regular razor is $299, and you can opt for a low-serialed "collector's edition" for a cool $1,000. If you want it in black, be prepared to shell out $2,500. And it is suggested that you replace the blade for every shave... At $.93 each. But all of that is irrelevant as it appears that the very Feather blades they sell and recommend, "smile" when inserted into the latest razors. That is, they're not held flat as they should be - rather, they bow down in the middle, in effect, looking like the blade is smiling. They've been quiet on the matter, but not the shaving forums; for example, the lengthy threads on DFS and Shave Nook to name a couple. The best advice right now - is stay away until this #drama is sorted, maybe with a fresh batch.

UPDATE (11/03/16):

Apparently, it wasn't expensive enough. So they fixed the smiling blade issue and raised the price...

So after our latest round of research and development… and after listening to feedback from customers… we found that by making an adjustment to our razor head design, specifically in the way that our blades latch, we could significantly improve the shaving experience that our OneBlade Razors are able to provide…

Effective November 18, 2016, the price of the OneBlade Razor will increase to $399.