Avalanche Artisans Suffer Loss of $40K in Goods

Avalanche Artisans Products

A horrible story being reported today; "A year's worth of artist couple's work stolen from trailer in Vancouver." Apparently the trailer containing some $40,000 worth of product made by the Albertan couple Hugh MacPherson and Deb Rowland of Avalanche Artisans was broken into last weekend. While the goods were insured, it's not known if the whole loss will be covered, and the #drama basically ended their holiday market season plans. Thankfully, the items (mostly #razor and #brush) are fairly unique and can be easily spotted should they surface. Keep your eyes out and report sightings!

We'll keep you updated here. If you see any of these products on eBay, buy and sell classifieds, etc. you are urged to contact them via email: theteam@avalancheartisans.com or phone: (587) 580-7618.

UPDATE (11/17/16):

They've added pictures of some of the stolen wares to their "Our Work" page.

An Albertan couple is still reeling after a trailer full of their handmade shavers, brushes, and razors was broken into last weekend in Vancouver.

Hugh MacPherson and Deb Rowland had spent the whole year shaping and polishing the handmade items in anticipation of the busy holiday market season, where artisanal products make for popular gifts.

Last week’s Vancouver’s Circle Craft Winter Market was their first stop on the holiday circuit, but it is also their last, after $40,000 worth of goods were stolen from their trailer parked at the Century Plaza Hotel in Downtown Vancouver. The windows were smashed and the trailer’s padlock cut.

“We had to cancel the rest of the shows because basically we have no product. We don’t know what to do,” MacPherson told Metro over the phone as he and Rowland drove home to De Winton, Altla.

Each handmade piece can take as many as 10 hours to make, he said.

“We were pretty devastated when we woke up [Tuesday] morning and the reality hit us. Basically our livelihood was taken away from us this year,” said Rowland.

The couple, who started the business four years ago, did buy insurance for the products but Rowland says she is not sure it would cover everything. The loss hurts most emotionally, because the pair spent all year preparing for the market season, she added.

“We’re not going to lose our home, it’s nothing brutal like that is going to happen to us but it’s a lot of hard work and a lot of love and passion went into it.”

The razors, shaving brushes, pens, and more are handcrafted from antler and bone, said MacPherson, who has a woodworking background. Sometimes, Rowland inlays rare stones and pearls into the handles.

Each item is one-of-a-kind and the couple hopes that will help them spot the stolen goods if the thief tries to fence them.

“They are pretty unique – if they do turn up they are going to be pretty obvious,” said MacPherson.

The couple say they reported the incident to police but Vancouver police did not return Metro’s request for comment by deadline.