Storing Your Soap Tins and Tubs

Store your soap in a media bin

Got too many soaps? Bahahaha! I know, right? I cracked myself up with that one... Anyway... Here's a tip for storing your prized possessions, those lovely #soap tins and tubs!

A "media basket" (to hold CDs and DVDs) is apparently the perfect size for them! They'll vary in length and also design (look/material).

This one happens to be dark-stained wood fitted with a white cotton liner with contrasting stripes. I picked it up at Targét for $6.99!

All that's missing are edge labels via Brother P-Touch... Or taking one tin out so you can flip through them, like flipping through your vinyl collection.

And yes, 10 tins is a bit snug on this one... I clearly need another. ;)