Scapers Shaving Invention for "Down Under"

Scapers Shaving Render

Troy, from Surrey British Columbia believes he has invented the solution to shave your more... Tender bits "down under." Essentially an electric #razor with interchangeable, purpose-built heads. You can get more information on the Scapers Shaving website and if you're interested, he's got a campaign on Indiegogo that you can check out as well.

Hi everyone, we are now in prototype phase of our new and exciting shaving system for grooming your private areas. There is currently nothing on the market that makes it easy to groom the genital and buttocks areas by yourself. We have decided to create a proper grooming set to make it easy and convenient for everyone to stay clean shaven and feeling smooth in and around these sensitive areas with little effort! The days of painful waxing and pulling out hair are now a thing of the past. Our goal is to provide every woman and man who shaves in these areas with a safe and fast alternative while not needing to see the area being groomed . We currently have patent pending status and are ready to go forward with prototype and production.