Barrister and Mann Releases

October 1, 2018 (Monday) 12:00pm EDT

Barrister and Mann - Hallows 2018 pre-order

Generally available on October 1, 2018 at 12pm EST.

The pre-order for Hallows took place starting on August 1, 2018 so those will ship out, while the Hallows below will be "general stock" for the public at large.

  • Barrister's Reserve® Cool Eau de Cologne, 100 ml (Permanent) (49.99/bottle)
  • Barrister's Reserve® Lavender Eau de Cologne, 100 ml (Permanent) (49.99/bottle)

  • Hallows Shaving Soap (Vetiver, Oakmoss, Black Pepper, Cocoa, Labdanum, Cedar) (Holiday Release for Halloween) (24.99/jar)
  • Hallows Aftershave (Holiday Release for Halloween) (22.99/bottle)
  • Hallows Eau de Toilette (Holiday Release for Halloween) (49.99/bottle)