Barrister and Mann - Beaudelaire

February 14, 2019 (Thursday) 12:00pm EST

Barrister and Mann - West Coast Shaving - Beaudelaire

Generally available on February 14, 2019

The same Barrister and Mann Beaudelaire that you know and love, now in a West Coast Shaving exclusive release.

Beaudelaire is Barrister and Mann's much-loved (and soon to be re-released exclusively at WCS) fragrance that marries light and dark, sweet and bitter, clean and dirty, nice and naughty. It starts with the classic fougere accord known for its notes of lavender, oakmoss, and coumarin which give it a green, clean, fresh appeal. Then it is blended with Barrister and Mann's own recreation of Mousee de Saxe, a unique, richly bitter aroma of dusky, leathery, decadent charm. Along with ylang, ylang, rose, and sandalwood, this aroma is dark, soapy, and irresistible. Like the controversial poet, Charles Beaudelaire, this scent symbolizes elegance and debauchery. Beaudelaire will be available in the new Excelsior soap base and in their brand new aftershave formula. Beaudelaire releases this Valentine's day.