Chatillon Lux - Lamplight Penance

October 13, 2018 (Saturday) 11:00am EDT

Chatillon Lux / Declaration Grooming - Lamplight Penance, Soap

Generally available on October 13, 2018 at 11am EDT.

There will also be limited edition run of aftershave and toner - and a shaving soap in the Declaration Grooming Icarus base.

This will be available as a permanent addition to the Parfums line as a Parfum Extrait, and there will be a limited edition aftershave and toner through Chatillon Lux, as well as a Icarus-base shaving soap from Declaration Grooming. And before you ask, yes we will be making significantly more than we did for the Santal Auster release now that we have a baseline for what demand for a product that uses significantly more exepensive materials (in this case, real ambergris, choya ral and a very high-quality neroli from France) looks like.

This scent is a snapshot of Henri Chatillon's later years. As he retired to his mansion with his new bride, Odile Delor Lux, he kept a portrait of his dearly departed first wife, daughter of an Oglala Lakota chief, hidden under the floorboards in the attic. This is the scent of a midnight rendezvous with forlorn nostalgia by the light of an oil-burning lamp, with the scent of berries and daffodils from the garden below wafting through the window.

For more information, check out this blog post detailing Lamplight Penance.

Lamplight Penance has top notes of berries, peaches, daffodils and orange blossoms; middle notes of lamp oil, burning wick, bourbon and red cedar and base notes of mahogany, brown liquor, musk.