Barrister and Mann - Terror

July 10, 2019 (Wednesday) 12:00pm EDT

Barrister and Mann - Terror

Barrister and Mann - Terror

Generally available July 10, 2019 at 12pm EDT.

It goes without saying... This one will out-chill Arctique (and takes its place this year) and quite possibly a lot of others out there. It's made with synthetic cooling agents (think The Holy Black 'Creepers).

  • Terror Shaving Soap (Excelsior Base) (Frankincense, Cold Water, Peppermint)
  • Terror Aftershave (Deltus Base Base)

A place that hungers for the warmth of living things, that consumes all who come near. A bitter, empty wasteland, a yawning chasm at the top of the world.

Such places are not meant for men.

The HMS Terror, along with all 129 souls it carried, was lost to the Arctic in 1848, consumed by the endless, empty hunger of the ice. A veteran of the War of 1812 and retrofitted for Arctic exploration, the Terror and its sister ship the HMS Erebus were swallowed by the frigid waters, their crews left to make their way for 600 miles in an attempt to escape the same fate.

But the creeping, bone-shattering cold of the Arctic does not abide weakness. Nor does it have any regard for strength of spirit and stoutness of character. It knows only hunger, and devours without restraint. None survived.

Inspired by the grisly legend of the Terror and the Erebus, our Terror shaving soap gives new meaning to bitter cold. We blended frankincense (the smell of ship’s timbers) with the very essence of cold water to bring to mind the empty wastes of the Arctic Circle, and have incorporated our custom blend of cooling agents to bring an insidious, endless chill to the experience. Tearless and stingless, unlike its mentholated cousin Arctique, Terror is a ghastly revelation, a glimpse into abyss.

Heaven help us if it ever glimpses back.

The trick to its coldness? Use more water:

Use more water. The cooling agents are dependent upon water, and the aftershave, if you're able to order it, is colder than the soap.