Chatillon Lux - Pure Lavender

August 26, 2017 (Saturday) 11:00am EDT

Pure Lavender a blend of four types of lavender that will be a limited edition release, available in aftershave, post-shave toner, and post-shave salve.

Our blend of four different lavenders, including one grown locally here in St. Louis, as the second chapter in our simplicity series. It is a small batch available in aftershave, toners and salves. It will be at and also, to give a hand to our Canadian friends who can not order the aftershave, through Canadian Blade Co.

Additionally, we will be doing a short run of Colonia Balsamica Eau de Toilette at the request of some Colonia-heads out there. This is another short run limited edition. It will be available for the same introductory $30 price for 2 oz (just a reminder: the introductory price special ends on September 23 when prices will be raised to reflect the large and very expensive investment that goes into their development).