Barrister and Mann Releases

December 1, 2017 (Friday) 12:00pm EST

Barrister's Reserve Fern & Lavender aftershaves

Generally available on December 1, 2017 @ 12pm EST

The long-awaited Fern and Lavender Barrister's Reserve aftershaves! They're $19.99 each and come in the new packaging (round, amber, silkscreened bottles).

Barrister and Mann is proud to introduce our Barrister's Reserve Fern and Lavender aftershave splashes. After a year and a half in sourcing, research, development, production delays, a packaging overhaul, and a brand new production lab, our very favorite Reserve aftershaves are finally available for purchase!

Check out the in-depth review of Fern soap! Fern is described as:

Barrister's Reserve: Fern is based on a combination of oakmoss, lavender, and tonka, and is the ultimate classic men's scent. Originally derived from a legendary fragrance not made for 60 years, Fern is dapper in ways that never, ever go out of style.

Check out the in-depth review of Lavender soap! Lavender is described as:

Barrister’s Reserve: Lavender is as smooth as lavender can get. Based on a beautiful aftershave from Wales, this is the scent described by famed perfume critic Luca Turin as "Summer wind made smell" and "the greatest lavender of all time." We definitely agree.