Chatillon Lux - Summertime Chill Aftershaves

June 25, 2018 (Monday) 10:00am EDT

Chatillon Lux - Summertime Chill Aftershaves

Generally available on June 25 (until August 25), 2018.

These are Limited Edition aftershaves, designed for the summer heat. They feature simply alcohol, witch hazel and aloe with a strong, but not painful, menthol blast. It is meant to replicate the feeling you get when a crisp, cold and refreshing gin drink cools you down as you reflect on a long summer day full of sunshine and adventure or a cold breeze at the summit of a mountain in wintertime. They come in a larger 100ml bottle since they will not be available again until next summer.

Dint Colbeck succeeded Tom Egan as the head of the St. Louis gang called Egan’s Rats, based in St. Louis’ Irish slums, after the founder’s death. Now under Colbeck’s leadership throughout the prohibition era, Egan’s Rats became the city’s foremost name in the gin smuggling business. At their height, their influence extended not only to Al Capone in Chicago, but even all the way to the White House. After his release from jail after his deeds finally caught up to him, Colbeck took up a career in plumbing, but his mysterious trips across the river to East St. Louis in the forties led to him being on the wrong end of a barrel in a long-time-coming reverse of fortune.

Colbeck: This scent employs the scents found in the botanicals of gin, but will not smell boozy on the skin. The scent notes include juniper, citrus, cardamom, coriander, nutmeg and anise.

Taum Sauk Mountain is the highest point in Missouri. Located in the St. Francois Mountains, this scent was designed to smell like a brisk, cold day on the mountain’s summit. The brisk, cold mountain air and cedar trees are represented in this scent, which pays homage to the unmistakable crisp, cold air and bracing breezes felt in a traditional Missouri winter.

UPDATE (06/13/18):

There was an unforseen issue, and the release had to be pushed back from June 15 to June 25, 2018. Important information (including discounts) follows:

Summertime Chill, now coming June 25.

Hey all, I didn't tell you because I thought everything would work out, but there was a bit of a logistics problem behind the scenes for the Summertime Chill release. I learned from UPS that the train the package containing the labels was on derailed, delaying the shipment until yesterday.

When they arrived, I was ready to pull an all-nighter getting the product ready to ship when, much to my shock, I found out that the order was wrong. This wouldn't have been a problem if the train had not derailed, but unfortunately the confluence of those two means the Summertime Chill release must be delayed until June 25

I apologize for this delay and to make it up, I have doubled the third-anniversary discount. On Friday and Saturday, you can now take 20% off your order with the discount code BIG3. And I will still include a free Lamplight Penance sample with any order over $50 (and now I will count the $50 BEFORE taking 20% off the order).

Again, I'm sorry about all of this and hope that you find everything was worth the wait. I will also run 10% off the Summertime Chill collection for two days when it is released with the coupon code CHILL10 to make up for it.