Wholly Kaw - Tempest

March 23, 2018 (Friday) 8:00am EDT

Wholly Kaw - Tempest

Pre-orders will start March 23 and end April 6, 2018. Shipping will take place around the April 15 (or earlier if possible).

Tempest will be available in the donkey milk base with a matching splash only. Note, they're on the same page, you need to hit the drop down option to see the splash/soap.

To access the product page you will need this password.

Straight from the throne of Zeus himself, comes Tempest, a mix of Ozone, Rain and Birch Tar. This is the how we imagine the air around the King of the Sky and Thunder smells like.

Immerse yourself into the aquatic scent of the rain, walk through while the lightning strikes all around you, scorching the damp earth beneath your feet, and emerge smelling like the true King of the Gods.