Tallow + Steel Releases

June 15, 2018 (Friday) 12:00am to 11:45pm EDT

Tallow + Steel - Kyoto

Generally available on June 15, 2018 at 12am EST.

Tallow + Steel will release three new scents in soaps and aftershaves. The soap formula is new and improved over the 2017 releases! For more on those, check out Meet the All-new Tallow + Steel Products with the follow-up Tallow + Steel 2017 - First Impressions. Over the coming days, each will be revealed and will be available on the Tallow + Steel website ONLY for purchase.

The first scent is Kyoto and the description is:

Unleash your inner zen, as you’re transported to lush-green mountains, ancient temples and sublime gardens with this limited edition Japanese-inspired scent. Kyoto, by Tallow + Steel.

Kyoto is a shave soap and aftershave scented using a blend of rare Japanese essential oils. Kyoto proudly features real steam-distilled oil of yuzu – an exotic Japanese fruit hailed for its uniquely bright, aromatic, sweetness.

With yuzu as the foundation of the blend, the zesty citrus is combined with vegetal marine notes from a homemade extract of Japanese sencha (green tea) and nori (seaweed). It further progresses into a green woodsy blend of flora native to Japan: Sugi (Japanese cedar), Hinoki (Japanese cypress), Hiba (Japanese cypress), and Shiso (perilla).

Yuzu (76%) + Hiba (12%) + Hinoki (4%) + Sugi (4%) + Shiso (2%) + Sencha / Nori (2%)

The second scent is Madagascar and the description is:

Journey to the beautifully unspoiled island of Madagascar, and experience its amazing biodiversity with this natural floral scent.

Madagascar is a wonderland of shifting landscapes forgotten by time—trek beneath the green canopy of the tropical rainforests, or relax in the long shadows cast by the majestic baobab trees.

Using essential oils sourced directly from Madagascar to reflect the island’s rich and unexplained biodiversity, this floral scent centers around some of the finest ylang ylang essential oil produced on the island. Combined with a sweet geranium rose oil, these floral notes will slowly subside making way for flora endemic to Madagascar - spicy ravensara, and green woody katrafay. Ever-present during the aromatic journey is a touch of the intoxicating scent of the island’s famed vanilla – prized for its warmth, and rich liqueur-like sweetness.

Madagascar is an uplifting fragrance that will whisk you away to an almost unreachable place that is rich with adventure and beauty.

Ylang Ylang (54%) | Katrafay (28%) | Vanilla (10%) | Rose Geranium (5%) | Ravensara (3%) | 100 % Essential Oils and Natural Extracts

The last scent is Sicily and the description is:

The epitome of old world class, Sicily is a classical masculine fragrance that evokes the region’s passion for the finer things in life.

Inspired by our time touring the island, this fresh, classic aroma starts with a citrus blend from essential oils produced on the Island: lemon, blood orange, and petitgrain, and is joined by bergamot from nearby Calabria. The citrus accord is accompanied by an herbal blend of Italian rosemary, and a unique lavender grown high in the Italian Alps.

Bergamot (24%) | Blood Orange (21%) | Lemon (20%) | Petitgrain (18%) | Lavender (9%) | Rosemary (8%) | 100% Essential Oils and Natural Extracts