SOTD - July 25, 2016

Dapper Dragon

Shaving Product Review - Dapper Dragon Soaps "Obi Hill" and
Guerlain "Vetiver"

A truly epic SOTD today starring Dapper Dragon Soaps Obi Hill #soap and Guerlain Vetiver software as Standard Razors continues to impress!

The soap for today is Dapper Dragon Soaps Obi Hill - a sample that was graciously provided by Lorne Lehrer - thank you!!

This was a custom order with leftovers posted for sale ( )... Eight tubs to be exact. I hadn't tried #DapperDragnSoap before so I didn't jump on it, though I figured I'd really enjoy the scent... Which I did indeed! Billed as a sweet tobacco scent where pipe tobacco is combined with vanilla, cherries, apricot and apple. You definitely get the tobacco, and the fruity notes sweeten it up very nicely while the vanilla keeps it creamy and dreamy yet the apple rounds off the sweetness just a hint and gives it tartness. Very much a pipe tobacco flavor to it; a beautiful Cavendish variety. I truly hope this comes back at some point as a regular offering. The ingredients for the soap are simple, but have the right goodies:

Stearic acid, coconut oil, shea butter, glycerin, sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide, fragrance, tallow, sodium lactate.

Performance was a surprise. Even using a sample in my #GTP scuttle which can often be a mixed bag... It whipped up into ample creamy lather with great cushion and good glide. While it didn't have the truly excellent primary and secondary lubricity as some other artisan's soaps these days - it did the job just fine! While those other soaps are generally out of the ordinary, this soap is right at the top, just below on that front. Either way, I'm a firm believer in Dapper Dragon now and will seriously consider picking some up - as they have some really intriguing scents in the lineup. I have two other samples (Watermelon and Pomegranate) that I may just use this week as well for a shave fest. I have to admit, I've been dying to try those two as they smell incredible.

If you've been following along, I picked up a secondhand #StandardRazors razor last week (see here, here and here). Today was my first "Monday morning shave" (with a weekend's worth of growth) and fifth shave with the razor... Same as well . It mowed down the stubble like nobody's business and even after the first pass I could've walked away with a very good DFS. But I stayed the course, did my three passes and dang... BBS. So ridiculously smooth, yet so efficient. I really encourage everyone to try this razor at some point. Unlike typical aggressive razors, it's kind to blades. I wouldn't normally go beyond 2-3 shaves with an R41 blade and about 5 shaves in the Futur.

To finish off this fantastic shave, I went with #Guerlain Vetiver including #aftershave, #EdT and #deo. This green bug juice is the bomb and it never disappoints. Although the aftershave is fairly simple - and standard fare for commoditized juice... The shave provided by the razor really made it sing. My face felt just insane. Smelling like only The Vetiver can today and loving it.

Man, what a shave. Every piece just came together for a close, comfortable shave with some outstanding scents along the way. I highly recommend any of these products, gentlemen. You won't be disappointed by any of them. I'm a new fan of Dapper Dragon Soaps for sure.