SOTD - July 28, 2016

Dapper Dragon

Shaving Product Review - Dapper Dragon Soaps "Pomegranate" and
Drakkar "Noir"

A short and sweet SOTD as #DapperDragonWeek concludes, featuring Dapper Dragon Soaps Pomegranate #soap and Barrister's Reserve Spicy #aftershave.

I've reviewed a couple of these products before, so I won't really repeat them today... Just too lazy. I'll post extra notes below though.

Barrister's Reserve Spice -
Drakkar Noir -
Dapper Dragon Soaps Watermelon -
Dapper Dragon Soaps Obi Hill -

The performance of the #DapperDragnSoap Pomegranate is exactly the same as Watermelon - just a different, completely awesome scent. Simple? Sure. But I really dig fruity scents, from citrus to reds and greens to the more complex blends. During the summer, they're just refreshing. I think I've got the soap pretty much dialed in now and stand by my initial findings - ample creamy lather with great cushion and good glide. It's not a dense B&M/CRSW type of creamy - it's a bit fluffier; so good cushion. But the glide is only mid-range. It's not bad - but it's not great either. Thus, my only "complaint" about it. It did the job very nicely, and I'm spoiled these days... So YMMV. Face feel was okay, consistency is semi-hard, scent strength a medium.

I've decided today that I'm pretty much done with Feather blades. They may be sharp, but they're hardly smooth. Only on shave three of this one, I've pretty much disliked every shave since fitting it on Tuesday and will toss it for tomorrow. It's turned the extremely smooth #StandardRazors razor into one that's just harsh and today I had a few minor weepers; just unheard of in my shaves. In the end, the shaves aren't any better or closer, despite the sharper blade! So back to tried and true PolSilver blades! They are super smooth, work awesome in every razor, last a full week and are dependable.

For the finish I went with Barrister's Reserve Spice by #BarristerMann to undo the harsh shave from the blade. It did; instantly. Added extra face feel goodness and for once, I noticed the alcohol in the splash more. Usually it's just so smooth as to be undetectable. Scent by Drakkar Noir #EdT and #deo. I just got the gift set a week ago ( and needed to use it more!

Nice shave, nice products with nice scents. Definitely enjoyable. And yes, Feather blades still suck... Honestly.