SOTD - July 26, 2016

Dapper Dragon

Shaving Product Review - Dapper Dragon Soaps "Watermelon" and
Barrister's Reserve "Cool"

#DapperDragonWeek continues this SOTD featuring Dapper Dragon Soaps Watermelon #soap along with Barrister's Reserve Cool #aftershave and finally Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel #EdT.

Since I liked my first shave with #DapperDragnSoap Obi Hill yesterday ( and I still had two other samples, I figured I'd just make it #DapperDragonWeek and use Watermelon today. Same performance, so see that post for details. The scent strength is a medium and straight up watermelon! No additional notes, just juicy, wet and sweet watermelon. It won't be for everyone, but it's a great summer scent. Personally, I love it.

Hardware wise today I went with, yup, the #StandardRazors razor albeit with a fresh #Feather blade to see how that works out... Turns out, very well! It was a smooth shave, perhaps not quite as smooth as with a #PolSilver but really very close. Speaking of close, the actual shave was as well. I'm just tickled pink over the performance of this razor in general. Yesterday, even my wife noticed that my face remained smooth longer than with either the Mühle R89 or (shimmed) Feather AS-D2 razors. We're talking a good 12 hours before the 5 O'clock shadow came around! The #BSB Shaving Brush did the needful in my #GTP scuttle.

For an aftershave I used the outstanding Barrister's Reserve Cool (which I reviewed here: It made up for the simpler soap formula (without all the exotic face feel ingredients of some other soaps) and imparted its own brand of healing and face feel. A little kick of menthol to cool things down on a hot day, too. I cannot wait until the trio is released on September 10th.

The scent today was Geoffrey Beene Grey Flannel as it seemed to work well with the other scents and is nice and bright for a summer day.

Just another great shave today. Can't ask for more than that, really. Tomorrow's #HumpBay (which I'd like to think I coined) so I'll take a break from #DapperDragonWeek temporarily with an exciting new sample - and resume on Thursday. C'ya tomorrow!