SOTD - November 16, 2016

Barrister and Mann/Chatillon Lux

Shaving Product Review - Barrister and Mann "Bay Rum" and
Chatillon Lux "Blackberry Blossom Bay"

Happy birthday to me... And happy #HumpBay to all of you! Combining the outstanding performance of Barrister and Mann Bay Rum #soap and Chatillon Lux Blackberry Blossom Bay #aftershave for this SOTD!

I don't actually have too much to write today, as I've reviewed the Bay Rum soap and Blackberry Blossom Bay aftershave already. I just haven't combined the two yet - and what a combo! The performance, scents and resulting face feel are all top notch.

Hardware consisted of the #StandardRazors razor with a #PolSilver on shave five, the last for this blade. The #BSB Shaving Brush did the soap solid in the #GTP scuttle.

Can't go wrong with either of these products. Until #BarristerMann comes out with the new Kyovu/Tonique aftershaves next year - or #ChatillonLux releases the matching soap (also next year) - this is the best we can do for now... And that's not a bad thing! Be sure to click on the #HumpBay hashtag for lots of other bay rum combos.