SOTD - October 5, 2015


Today's SOTD is brought to you by the GREEN products of Cold River Soap Works Spring LE #soap and Guerlain Vetiver #aftershave, #EdT and #deo! A little departure from the fall-scented products.

I've reviewed and raved about this #coldriversoap before (most notably here). Today's shave was with the Spring LE (Limited Edition). It's described as "a lush, green scent that is fresh with sweet grass notes mixing with a light floral and touch of lemon verbena resting on a rich wood base." I found it to be fairly spot-on. Definitely a fresh, green grass vibe that stands out most - but it's balanced by a hint of floral to sweeten it up with a little verbena twang. The wood base was a little more subtle, but provided a nice grounding effect to the scent. It's hard to really pin down complex scents in a soap sometimes - aftershaves and colognes are a little easier.

Long and short of it, this stuff lathers like a dream - producing copious thick, yogurty lather with ample slickness. Truly interesting too, lacking any visible air bubbles and having a glossy, wet sheen. The real treat is the amazing post-shave face feel leaving my face supple and moisturized. Love this stuff.

I decided to finish up with #Guerlain Vetiver aftershave and EdT. There's not a lot of skin food in this aftershave, so it was an interesting test of the soap's face feel qualities... Which were more or less confirmed. Threw on some matching deo and it was game on. Just about 86'ed this bottle of bug juice! Such a classic scent and in fact, one of the benchmark vetiver fragrances.

Hardware today consisted of the #Merkur #Futur razor fitted with a #PolSilver blade on shave three. The #SOC brush made loading the CRSW soap a bit heavier a total breeze and the #GTP scuttle held onto the suds for the duration.

A lovely shave filled with green scents - seemed somewhat fitting considering all the rain the east coast has been pounded with these last few. Top notch performance all around and I'm a happy camper.