SOTD - November 11, 2016

The Sudsy Soapery Software

Shaving Product Review - The Sudsy Soapery "White Sage & Lime" & "Lavender & Peppermint"

Today's SOTD features The Sudsy Soapery White Sage & Lime #soap and their newest #aftershave called Lavender & Peppermint! Good performance, professional presentation, nice ingredients and excellent value await!

I've used a soap from The Sudsy Soapery before - Citrus & Bay which I reviewed quite favorably. It was time to try a full-sized tub along with one of their aftershaves. So for today we're going with White Sage & Lime soap and Lavender & Peppermint aftershave; both in their standard sized offerings. I won't get into the soap's performance too much, but to recap - it produced a plentiful amount of semi-fluffy/creamy lather with good cushion and glide. As with the prior sample, I think dialing in the soap will get it in the sweet spot; producing more of a creamy, rather than fluffy lather. It's a well performing soap that I think will be even better once I do. The ingredients are fairly solid:

Saponified stearic acid, coconut oil, cocos nucifera (coconut) oil, castor oil, ricinus communis (castor) seed oil, cocoa butter, theobroma cacaco (cocoa) seed butter, kokum butter, indica seed garcinia butter, shea butter, hydrogenated butyropermum parkii, glycerin vegetable, usp, sodium lactate, fragrance, lanolin anhydrous, usp. with kaolin clay and bentonite clay

The scent, while neither complex nor adventurous - is very pleasant and on the lighter side. It's definitely sage forward, but the lime gives it a nice citrusy flair.It should go well with just about anything and have mass market appeal - something I believe #TheSudsySoapery is keen on, considering the packaging... Both the soap and aftershave come in transparent amber containers; the soap in a plastic tub and the aftershave in a bottle. The labels are sort of a kraft paper affair, which fits right into their highly "natural product" marketing with a nice print of text - it's simple, consistent and professional looking. Again, as a nod to mass market appeal, the labels are retail ready, each with a UPC code. Keen eyes will note that the soap comes in a quantity of 5.5oz. with the aftershave in a healthy "4oz." size. Since we're talking about fluid volume... It equates to about 118ml. The label is a bit unclear/incorrect on those points; not specifying "fl. oz." on the former and stating grams, not milliliters on the latter. Either way, it's more than the typical 4oz. of soap and 100ml of aftershave so often seen today... At $14.95 each and given the ingredients and resulting performance, I'd say this is an excellent value.

The aftershave has two notes that appeal to me quite a bit - both lavender and peppermint. Again, not too complex or adventurous, but that's not a bad thing. From the several times that I sampled the aftershave, I knew I was in for a shocker - the peppermint/menthol content was clearly high up on the scale and permeates the room with even a tiny application. While you can catch the lavender upon application, you can pretty much forget about it until the menthol settles - then it fully appears and remains for a couple of hours, somewhat light. Actually applying it after my shave, I was quite surprised at just how cooling this juice is. It easily surpasses PAA Frost Byte (which is primarily peppermint) and encroaches on B&M Arctique territory. This stuff lit me up good for a solid ten minutes, feeling it even to fifteen or so. It should make even hardened menth-heads squeal with glee. The performance was equally impressive. It applies as a slightly viscous solution but is quickly absorbed and non-tacky. The face feel is lovely; soft and moisturized. Containing no alcohol, there was no bite. In fact, the ingredients, while not necessarily exotic - are well-rounded, having the right stuff and slightly above the price point:

Organic witch hazel, water, vegetable glycerin, sodium lactate, fragrance, menthol, organic aloe leaf, jojoba, vitamin E, chamomile and calendula extract

Hardware today consisted once again of the matching black #StandardRazors razor (fitted with a #PolSilver blade on shave two) and Satin Tip brush. The lather whipped into submission and kept warm by way of the #GTP scuttle.

As I mentioned earlier, given the ingredients, resulting performance and quantity - for the price - is an excellent value. You won't find any outrageous, highly complex scents here - more like something your significant other might pick up at the local Bath & Body Works store... But this is artisan made, uses all natural and healthy ingredients and works quite well indeed. They actually have a rather full line of other products, including bath soaps, lip balms, candles, bath salts and balms... And the scents encompass all product lines, which can make for a decidedly spa-like experience for both you - and a friend. I'd definitely give The Sudsy Soapery a try if you haven't already. I look forward to using some other items in future reviews.