Artisan specific (as opposed to a company) - typically made in small batches by a limited number of people.

Top & Bottom - Ten Artisans of 2017

It's that time of year again... The list for 2016 last year proved to be the most popular post of all time! Today I'd like to post about the "top artisans" of this year, 2017 - both good and bad. It was a banner year with a huge list of releases. Not only those that have brought remarkable performance to shaving software, from soaps to aftershaves, or all these incredible scents... But those that have refined the state of the art[isan] in the market with packaging and presentation, collaboration with other artisans or have worked extremely hard to bring us our simple joys every morning...

It's (Always) Coffee Season

Coffee's always in season!

Who doesn't love coffee? When it comes to shaving, you're in luck - you can bring your favorite beverage (besides beer) into the bathroom for your morning ritual. Joining the ranks of other favorite seasonal lists here, such as pumpkin season, autumn season and lavender season is what's sure to be very popular... And something that's always in season... Coffee!


Barrister and Mann - Fougère Gothique - First Impression

Barrister and Mann "Fougère Gothique"

It's almost that time folks... Barrister and Mann Fougère Gothique #soap and #aftershave has started shipping, save for those orders with an #EdP or the various Limited Edition ceramics. You've read about the notes in the accord... But what does it smell like? Let's find out!