It's (Always) Coffee Season

Coffee's always in season!

Who doesn't love coffee? When it comes to shaving, you're in luck - you can bring your favorite beverage (besides beer) into the bathroom for your morning ritual. Joining the ranks of other favorite seasonal lists here, such as pumpkin season, autumn season and lavender season is what's sure to be very popular... And something that's always in season... Coffee!

If you're looking for reviews of coffee scented shaving software - we got you covered! Of course, you can also browse the extensive list of shaving artisans and commercial offerings and discover your own (and other scents) as well.

Scent notes will be added below as soon as possible. In the mean time, if you see something missing, feel free to contact us. Note that some #soap and #aftershave are no longer available; they're either discontinued or are seasonal or limited edition offerings... They're listed here for the sake of completeness.