SOTD - October 7, 2015


Shaving Product Review - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements "Bay Rum"

Ahoy, ye barnacled bilge wenches! Today's SOTD arrives in port just in time for #HumpBay and features PAA Bay Rum #soap, #aftershave and #deo! Stowing away below decks is a custom skull brush!

I've reviewed this sweet combo before ( so I won't repeat that here... But to recap, #PAA's Bay Rum is a great version of this classic scent. It's a unique take and offers the best longevity of any bay rum out there. I especially like this version, called Arctic Bay Rum as it adds menthol to the regular Bay Rum - giving you fire and ice! Introduced in August of 2014, it's a real shame it went from a regular offering to seasonal recently.

Hardware today was the #Mühle #R89 razor fitted with a #PolSilver blade on shave four, and the aforementioned skull brush featuring a boar knot savaged the scallywag suds in the #GTP scuttle. This is easily the coolest looking skull shaving brush available anywhere.

A great #HumpBay shave today, mateys! A unique take on a classic scent with modern performance running the whole gamut from soap to aftershave to deo for the whole package. This is definitely one of my favorites of the bay rum scented products out there.