Artisan specific (as opposed to a company) - typically made in small batches by a limited number of people.

Wholly Kaw Dark Vetiver Coming

Wholly Kaw "Dark Vetiver"

Wholly Kaw is set to release their latest scent, Dark Vetiver soon - pre-orders are now open and it will ship on Friday, November 4th. The #soap runs $18.99 for the tallow version (which recently reviewed quite favorably) and $17.99 for the vegan. The #aftershave will go for $14.99 which you can also pre-order. The scent is described as "an attempt to take vetiver to the darkest corners with a scent profile that combines notes of cedarwood, benzoin, vetiver, peru balsam on an amber and sandalwood base. A dark and very masculine scent for Fall and Winter." Get on over to #WhollyKaw and check it out.

Dr. Jon's Krampus Pre-order Has Begun

Dr. Jon's "Krampus"

News from Dr. Jon's Shaving Soap Co. that pre-orders for Krampus #soap and #aftershave have begun! If you've been living under a rock, here's a first impression and a full review of this fearsome combo after it's debut this time last year. Don't miss out - and see #DrJonsSoapCo today!

Black Ship Grooming Co. Ghost Ship Coming

Bacl Ship Grooming Co. "Ghost Ship"

Do not miss this year's release of Ghost Ship #soap and #aftershave software by the Black Ship Grooming Co. (formerly Beaver Woodwright). It's coming on October 30, 2016 at 10pm EST - which you will also find listed on our event calendar so you don't forget! It will consist of a 4oz. skull aftershave and soap combo.


Chatillon Lux Releases Coming!

Chatillon Lux "TSM Fougére"

Chatillon Lux revealed today that they will be releasing a new winter seasonal scent on Black Friday - November 25, 2016 - called Unconditional Surrender. It's inspired by Ulysses S. Grant and features notes of amber, tonka bean, cedarwood and agarwood, with cigar tobacco, amyris, vetiver, black tea, jasmine and geranium supporting it! The scent will be made available in all three of the formulations (aftershave, salve and toner) and as an #EdT - along with the much anticipated EdT release of Gratiot League Square.