Artisan specific (as opposed to a company) - typically made in small batches by a limited number of people.

Black Orchid from K Shave Worx Announced

K Shave Worx "Black Orchid"

If you're a regular reader of the Daily Lather you'll know I'm a fan of K Shave Worx (check out my reviews). I've noticed that with the prior release of 366 that #KShaveWorx is getting more adventurous, with more complex scents. Starting today, they've announced Black Orchid (soap and aftershave)! It's a collab with Hazelet's Apothecary Gentleman's Lounge on Facebook which is described as a special lounge club scent. It does sound good, with top notes of ginger, black pepper and ylang blossom, spicy floral middle of gardenia, jasmine, orchid and clove bud with bottom notes of patchouli, amber, balsam, vanilla, musk, and sandalwood! Whoa. I might have to check out this #soap and #aftershave combo.

Shaver Heaven Closing Down

Sheaver Heaven - Going to Heaven

Australian artisan and purveyor of fine shaving products has decided to close its doors. After two years, they've decided to take a break - they will however consider producing #soap for vendors willing to place large orders. Other orders will be shipped out one to two weeks after being placed, with the website staying up until it's all gone.


Aluminum Above the Tie Razors Coming

Above the Tie - Aluminum Razor Prototype

Above the Tie is working on an aluminum #razor due for release soon; the prototype is seen here. The total weight of the new razor is 38g (1.4oz) while the handle is 26g (0.9 oz.). This razor has not been anodized yet so the appearance is a little strange looking... It will be resolved during the last step of the production process where it will be tumbled and then anodized (whereas the stainless steel is bead blasted). The price will be around half of the cost of their stainless steel line.


Mickey Lee Soapworks Releases Coming

Mickey Lee Soapworks "Through the Woods"

Fans of Mickey Lee Soapworks (myself included) rejoice! Not only is Souq coming back (October 29th) but so is Through the Woods (pictured). The latter will be available through the end of the year, while Souq will be a more limited run. In other news, #mickeyleesoaps is switching over to professionally printed labels! UPDATED - see below!