Artisan specific (as opposed to a company) - typically made in small batches by a limited number of people.

Dr. Jon's 13 Pre-order

Dr. Jon's "13"

News from Dr. Jon's Shaving Soap Co. is this new release - 13 is a very limited custom scent made for the Wet Shave Review. This #soap and #aftershave will not be available at any store including their own unless you are part of this pre-order (soap aftershave) - which runs through December 1st and will be shipped on December 10th. 13 has notes of oud, hedione, musk and Iso-E Super (a synthetic cedar and sandalwood scent) and called "dark, musky and floral all at the same time." If you're a #drjonssoapco fan, get in there and get some!

DCCS Winter Reserve Announced

The fans of Derby City Chop Shop (DCCS) await this time of year with great anticipation over their release of Small Batch Shave Tonic a.k.a. Winter Reserve #aftershave - well, it's here! Just announced, it comes in the usual wax sealed 7.5 fl. oz. bottle for $26. It's essentially a bay rum - but with Kentucky bourbon instead. It's being bottled now and will begin shipping on November 7th.


Top & Bottom - Ten Artisans of 2016

Today I'd like to post about the "top artisans" of this year, 2016. Not only those that have brought remarkable performance to shaving software, from soaps to aftershaves, not to mention incredible scents... But those that have refined the state of the art[isan] in the market with packaging and presentation, collaboration with other artisans or have worked extremely hard to bring us our simple joys every morning...

K Shave Worx Beachwood Forest Coming

K Shave Worx "Beachwood Forest"

Hot on the heels of their most recent #soap and #aftershave releases, 366 and Black Orchid - is the latest from the gang at K Shave Worx and it's called Beachwood Forest! It has alluring notes of coconut, eucalyptus, jasmine, vetiver and driftwood. The early response has been very positive. No firm release date yet, but we'll keep you posted as soon as we hear from #kshaveworx!

Wholly Kaw Dark Vetiver Coming

Wholly Kaw "Dark Vetiver"

Wholly Kaw is set to release their latest scent, Dark Vetiver soon - pre-orders are now open and it will ship on Friday, November 4th. The #soap runs $18.99 for the tallow version (which recently reviewed quite favorably) and $17.99 for the vegan. The #aftershave will go for $14.99 which you can also pre-order. The scent is described as "an attempt to take vetiver to the darkest corners with a scent profile that combines notes of cedarwood, benzoin, vetiver, peru balsam on an amber and sandalwood base. A dark and very masculine scent for Fall and Winter." Get on over to #WhollyKaw and check it out.