Black Orchid from K Shave Worx Announced

K Shave Worx

If you're a regular reader of the Daily Lather you'll know I'm a fan of K Shave Worx (check out my reviews). I've noticed that with the prior release of 366 that #KShaveWorx is getting more adventurous, with more complex scents. Starting today, they've announced Black Orchid (soap and aftershave)! It's a collab with Hazelet's Apothecary Gentleman's Lounge on Facebook which is described as a special lounge club scent. It does sound good, with top notes of ginger, black pepper and ylang blossom, spicy floral middle of gardenia, jasmine, orchid and clove bud with bottom notes of patchouli, amber, balsam, vanilla, musk, and sandalwood! Whoa. I might have to check out this #soap and #aftershave combo.