Vendor Italian Barber in the Hot Seat

Italian Barber Fiat

Another day, another #drama in the shaving community, it seems. Though troubles with shaving vendor Italian Barber do go back a ways (see below), in the past couple of days - concerns of removing negative reviews from its website (here and here) as well as "coming under fire" for questionable advertising on a razor (here and here) has left people scratching their heads.

There have also been reports of odd currency conversions during checkout and overpriced shipping fees.

I might point out something that people haven't mentioned... The fact that Barrister's Reserve is $25.99 on the IB site while it's only $24.99 on the BR site. Because alcohol (aftershaves) can't be shipped to our Canadian friends up north and Italian Barber is one of the few over there that has it... I guess that's a "$1 Canadian tax" for the service. Since he buys at wholesale prices (as all vendors do) the price should be the same as the official channel(s). Cheers, eh? I might suggest you get it at Men Essentials instead.

Italian Barber has made both our Top & Bottom - Ten Artisans of 2016 and Top & Bottom - Ten Artisans of 2017 lists - two years in a row.

UPDATE (10/17/16):

But wait! It's not over. It also appears that damage control was attempted.

UPDATE (12/12/16):

How's this story of a shedding Mühle brush for customer service?

UPDATE (06/08/17):

Okay, okay... But how's the quality of their custom razors and stuff? Well, that's not so hot either.

UPDATE (12/11/17):

The gift that keeps on giving, as they harangue an innocent mom over damaged goods. Barrister and Mann went above and beyond in terms of customer service and offered a complete replacement (for an issue that wasn't even his) rather than offering to refund "a small percentage in accordance to the amount missing." Says the mom, "Now that's how you run a business."