SOTD - September 28, 2016

Standard Razor (Black)

Shaving Product Review - Cold River Soap Works "Colonia Mediterrania (Oliva)" and
Guy Laroche "Drakkar Noir"

Today's SOTD is in full-on stealth mode! Featuring the new (to me) black Standard Razors razor with matching flat black software including CRSW Colonia Mediterrania (Oliva) #soap and Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir #balm, #EdT and #deo!

I've reviewed CRSW Colonia Mediterrania (Oliva) soap as well as reviewed Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir (including a first impression) before so I won't repeat that here. Worth mentioning just the same; #coldriversoap is an awesome performer through and through. I've even reviewed the Standard Razors razor before... And honestly, I've been using #StandardRazors ever since. So that should be quite a testament to my thoughts on it; I liked it so much I jumped on a recent Massdrop to pick up a spare, in black. Same performance and specs - the razor is just anodized a different color.

I did mix up another aspect of the hardware today; the razor blade. I used one of the included #Astra blades over my usual PolSilver to see if there was any marked difference. I suspect it might be a little smoother since the Astras aren't quite as sharp. Indeed, it was maybe a hair smoother. The resulting shave wasn't quite as close though. Of course it's only been one shave thus far so not exactly an in-depth test. I'll continue to comment on the difference(s) over the next few days as I use both side-by-side. The rest of the hardware today included the #Plisson synthetic brush (the closest I have to black; I just had to buy a Satin Tip The Purest brush in all-black for $9.99 to go with, LOL). It flopped the suds around quite nicely in the #GTP scuttle. I do enjoy the brush, but I generally use it with creams (that is to say, not often). It upset the brush industry when it came out, but thankfully most set the knot deeper for more backbone these days.

An all-around great shave today, featuring some excellent software and hardware... And yay me! I have a spare for my current daily razor. I did the same with the Merkur Futur, ironically also on Massdrop - just in case. Two razors I'd not want to be without.