SOTD - October 17, 2017

K Shave Worx

Shaving Product Review - K Shave Worx "Dark Power" and
Guy Laroche "Drakkar Noir"

Value (Cost, Packaging and Performance)

Lather (Density, Glide and Feel)

Post-shave (Healing, Moisture and Feel)

Scent (Quality, Strength and Longevity)

Each bar has three metrics, each representing 33% of the total (11% = below-avg, 22% = avg, 33% = above-avg, except cost)

Embrace the black... Combining K Shave Worx Dark Power #soap and the scent that inspired it by way of Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir in a #balm, #deo and #EdT.

Just a quick note about the scent, in case you're not familiar (what?!) with Guy Laroche Drakkar Noir. It's an aromatic fougere fragrance for men, launched in 1982. The nose behind this fragrance is Pierre Wargnye. Top notes are rosemary, artemisia, lavender, basil, lemon verbena, bergamot and lemon; middle notes are coriander, carnation, cinnamon, juniper and jasmine; base notes are leather, sandalwood, fir, amber, patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver and cedar. I did a first impression of Drakkar Noir previously, as well as a review of Dark Power by #KShaveWorx (click on the hashtag for a ton more reviews). Check those out for the dirt on this classic fragrance of the 80s.

The soap performed well, standard for the brand - ample, somewhat creamy lather with excellent cushion, good glide and decent secondary lubricity. The balm was surprisingly good for OTC stuff; nothing impressive but did the job. It barely cuts medium on healing properties, but moisturizing was on the higher end of medium. Overall face feel was quite good regardless. The scent strength of the soap is a healthy medium with the balm and deo a bit stronger. Stronger still was the EdT, which is... Quite robust. There's a reason this was popular among the "trendy set" back in the day. Overall, good performing products at a great price. If you're a fan of Drakkar Noir this is a good way to go! You could substitute the balm for the K Shave Worx aftershave (or the real deal) if that's your thing.

Hardware today consisted of the black #StandardRazors with a #PolSilver blade on shave six (and done) along with the Satin Tip The Purest brush, mixing up the goods in the #GTP scuttle.

A nice shave was had, and memories recalled with this classic 80s scent!