SOTD - January 31, 2017

A Power-packed Citrus Twofer

Shaving Product Review - Through the Fire Fine Craft "Sucker Punch" and
Chiseled Face "Santa Paula Citrus"

On a cold and dreary winter's day, what's one to do? Fire up the citrus cannons and set 'em loose on full blast! #Soap by Through the Fire Fine Craft Sucker Punch and #aftershave by Chiseled Face Santa Paula Citrus!

I thought I was being a little crafty, at least, by combining these two - since I don't have the matching aftershave for Sucker Punch but alas, I've done this exact combo before, with different hardware. Naturally, I've reviewed Sucker Punch by #ttffcrafts as well as reviewed Santa Paula Citrus by #chiseledface before, so no need to cover that again.

Since citrus-based scents don't really last (thanks to the highly volatile nature of the oils) I went with Guerlain Habit Rouge which opens with a citrus blast... Perfect segue. See my review of Habit Rouge for more info on that, if you're curious.

Hardware today consisted of my shimmed #Feather AS-D2 razor with a matching Feather blade, while the #BSB Shaving Brush swirled the citrusy suds 'round and 'round in the #GTP scuttle.

It might be cold outside, but my spirits were certainly lifted by the scents! Citrus just instantly transports me back to Orlando, Florida and even reminds me of the (now long-gone) Horizons pavilion at EPCOT Center back in the day... Remember that section of the ride, in the orange grove - where the Disney Imagineers made it smell like oranges? Bingo!