SOTD - August 12, 2015


Shaving Product Review - Tabac "Original"

Today's SOTD continues #CreamWeek - with a product every shaver should know - TABAC! How does it stack up, especially the shaving cream? Find out...

It's true; ask any wet shaver and chances are, they've either heard of or own at least some Tabac. This is the stuff of myth and legend, originating in 1959 by Maurer & Wirtz. Ironically, it is to Germans as Old Spice is to Americans... An "old man scent." It's easy to think that derogatory; it shouldn't be! That just means a) it's been around a long time, b) is/was extremely popular and c) represents good value and/or performance. Worth pointing out that here in America, we don't have that "problem" so use it with gusto!

Most are familiar with #Tabac hard soap. The tallow-based formula well-known for producing easy, copious amounts of lather that ticks all the boxes. Good news! The shaving cream is just as good as the hard soap! So go for what you prefer. The cushion is there, the glide is excellent and the face feel quite nice. There's something about Tabac lather that nets a very close shave without fail. The scent strength, as with most Tabac products is on the high end. Love it, live it. While I wouldn't rate the performance of them as "wow" they are truly excellent, and dependable - at a good price.

What better way to round out this shave than with all the matching software? Yup, I got it all, directly from Germany whenever I'm there. The #aftershave, #EdT and #deo. I even have the Luxury Soap (bath bar) which starts it all off just right. Each product performs very well and shares the same scent. The aftershave isn't "fancy" as far as skin food, but it has a surprisingly good face feel. The balm (not pictured) is especially good though, and what I prefer in the winter.

You can also get either a cologne or an EdT. I would suggest the latter; it's stronger and longer lasting (as it should). It's also easier to apply as it's a spray. A note about the fragrance; it's described as an "aromatic fougére" with top notes of aldehydes, lavender, neroli, bergamot and lemon; middle notes of carnation, sandalwood, orris root, jasmine, rose and pine tree needles and base notes of tonka bean, amber, musk, vanilla, oakmoss and tobacco.

The hardware is the same as yesterday's SOTD to rule out other variables... My shimmed #Feather AS-D2 with matching blade on shave three - which the more I use (modified) like this, the more I like it! Another effortless BBS shave. The #BSB Shaving Brush (a.k.a. The Lather Bomb) ignited the Tabac lather explosion in grand style, kept hot and in check by the #GTP scuttle.

There it is, peeps. The full line-up of Tabac products from soup to nuts (literally) in this . Yes, the cream lives up to the legend! It's also cheaper up front than the hard soap at $10 vs. $22, longevity (number of shaves) notwithstanding.