SOTD - August 11, 2015

Musgo Real

Shaving Product Review - Musgo Real "Classic"

In this #CreamWeek SOTD, I'm going to share with you deputados one of the best kept shaving secrets today for the low, low price of $15 USD! Find out more below...

This shave is ALL about the software. One of the greatest kept secrets in shaving are the products of Portugal. Namely Musgo Real, Lavanda, O Melhor and yes, Top Secret Lanolizado shaving creams. This is a review of Musgo Real (in the Classic scent). What makes them so special, you might (rightly) ask? You know how everyone raves about Mitchell's Wool Fat and by extension, Haslinger's Schafmilch? That reason is lanolin...

"Lanolin? Like... Sheep's wool?" - Ron Burgandy

Yup, lanolin... And other great face-feel ingredients such as palm oil, coconut oil, witch hazel and glycerin to name a few. The Classic Scent is a sort've "barbershop scent" of patchouli and vetiver. In 2012, Claus Porto released five other scents including Lime Basil, Orange Amber, Lavender, Oak Moss and Spiced Citrus with matching preshaves (soap), aftershaves and body bars.

A little almond-sized snurdle in your hand, bowl or scuttle will produce copious amounts of ridiculously slick, yogurty lather with oodles of cushion. Trust me when I say this, the performance is as good as you'll find - at any price. IMO, I'd rather have four tubes of this stuff than one tub of XPEC or And the smell of course, is to die for. Post-shave face feel is so good, you don't need an aftershave or balm.

Might as well go for the whole experience though... The matching balm cannot be beat when it comes to skin food. When my face is f*cked up, I reach for either this stuff or Speick. After a good shave, it's just that much better. Some of the ingredients include almond and jojoba oils, shea butter, marshmallow, echinacea and beeswax. They also make an aftershave, but I chose to use PAA's Clubguy and matching deo.

Hardware today was my #Feather AS-D2 (which I posted about being on Massdrop yesterday) that I shimmed... Feather blade on shave two - got a truly effortless BBS shave today. The #BSB Shaving Brush made quick work of whipping up the suds while the #GTP scuttle kept it all under control.

This is, really, as good as it gets gents. You should really consider picking up a tube of this stuff - it's $15 USD well spent!