SOTD - August 20, 2015

Musgo Real

Today's SOTD is a #CreamWeek bonus shave for my buddy Mike Ramos as I know he's a Musgo Real fan like I am and eager to hear about this Orange Amber scent!

Onto the software! I won't reiterate my earlier review ( of the Musgo Real Classic scent as the performance is the same - that is to say, awesome - by any measure. This is more about this "new" scent, introduced with four others back in 2012.

IMO, the scent strength is a bit weaker than the Classic scent level - or maybe I'm just more sensitive to the latter's components of vetiver and patchouli (two of my favorites). Either way, the Orange Amber scent is very nice. The orange isn't sweet; rather it's more on the tangy, bitter side because of the mandarin orange and bergamot used. While I definitely pick it up, it serves more to temper the main star of the scent - the musky amber.

...and what better way to finish off than #PAA's Amber #aftershave? That's right - none! This is among my favorites of the PAA aftershave scents. The scent is a perfect pairing with similar warm, citrusy, musky and totally "amber" notes. The face feel is top notch - like pretty much any PAA aftershave.

Hardware used was my #BSB Shaving Brush (with apropos O-ring installed) and shimmed #Feather AS-D2, fitted with a Feather blade on shave five. The #GTP scuttle held onto the lovely suds.

If you're a fan of Musgo Real and looking to mix it up a bit, the Orange Amber is quite nice! If I had to choose, I still prefer the Classic scent but that's just me. You definitely can't go wrong with either!