June Blockbuster by Chatillon Lux and L&L Grooming

Chatillon Lux and L&L Grooming

June is shaping up to be an insane month in the shavosphere. All I can say is, "start saving up now." Two vendors whom I've raved about are #landlgrooming and #chatillonlux (click either hashtag for reviews). These guys made my Top & Bottom Ten Artisans of 2016 (and Top & Bottom Ten Artisans of 2017) lists for a reason... Anyhow, they often team up together for soap and post-shave provision combos and it's looking like June (the second anniversary of Chatillon Lux) will be a blockbuster as they party together with L&L Grooming to release a trio of must-have, limited edition combos...

Paraphrased from this blog post by Chatillon Lux comes the news... With all three, the soap will be available on the L&L Grooming website and the aftershave provisions from Chatillon Lux:

June 15: This is the day we opened our doors. And to kick off the party, the traveling bartender, the Professor Jerry Thomas, is heading down to Georgia. L&L Grooming will be putting out a limited edition run of Bon Vivant shaving soap. Simultaneously, I will be throwing a free shipping sale from June 15-18.

June 22: Next up, we will both be putting out something interesting: Catalan's Prairie. This scent, named after one of the early nicknames of South Saint Louis, contains notes of violet, freesia, lavender, jasmine, labdanum and sandalwood.

June 29: Lastly, we will be putting out something new: Rose Santal. This scent will feature a rose accord that I've made that was meant to smell rich yet sharp, and will be complemented by a slightly modified Santal Auster sandalwood accord, along with some other spicy notes that I'm not announcing yet...because I'm still tinkering with them.

Of course, what this means is, if you want it all... More shipping charges than you can shake a stick at! I have to say, I'm not too happy about that aspect of this. You'll be ordering from two vendors across three different days (for fear of missing out on any of the limited edition offerings). That's five different shipping charges (the aftershave goods on the 15th are shipped free). They will be sold on a first come, first served basis on those dates - times to be announced...

Must. Buy. All. The. Things.

UPDATE (04/27/17):

There's some great news to be had regarding the shipping issue mentioned above. From Shawn:

- Orders $50 and over, shipped to the United States will get free shipping.

- Each limited edition release purchase will get free shipping with the coupon code TERRIBLETWO at checkout.