SOTD - September 11, 2015


Shaving Product Review - Petal Pusher Fancies "Ciderhouse 5" and
How to Grow a Moustache "Cavendish"

A throwback #FriYay SOTD and today we're looking at Petal Pusher Fancies Ciderhouse 5 #soap and HTGAM Cavendish #aftershave!

I've reviewed Petal Pusher Fancies Ciderhouse 5 before - this was Frances Towle's jammy before #PAA. To recap, it's a lovely spicy, applesque scent. Like walking among the orchards in the fall, smelling spiced cider or Apple Jacks cereal. It's a weaker scent strength compared to most current PAA soaps, but subtle is good... Though there's nothing subtle about the performance! It produced not a thick - but dense, creamy lather with very nice glide. The avocado and almond oils used in this soap hasn't been used in PAA formulations - but it's making a comeback. This was unfortunate as they provide a degree of slickness that I think gave this soap an edge. Alas, some folks have allergies to avocados and/or nuts. This soap has been unavailable for over a year now, maybe two, IIRC.

But also making a comeback is Ciderhouse 5 itself! I'm very pleased to hear this will be a regular, albeit seasonal scent offering again! Hopefully the scent strength will be a little stronger and all the original ingredients will be included as well.

Next up is the Cavendish aftershave. This was Erik Hodge's jammy before #PAA. The "old school" apothecary bottle is as classic as the label. This juice is a favorite of many... Indeed, I love it also; it was the second HTGAM product I picked up after The Beach and helped get me hooked! It smells just like you'd imagine; cavendish pipe tobacco! A flavored, vanilla-ish sort of tobacco. Truly intoxicating! The performance is rather good; alcohol, alum and glycerin make for a smooth face feel with a certain "vibe" that's standard for HTGAM/PAA.

Hardware today included the #BSB Shaving Brush , #Merkur #Futur razor fitted with a #PolSilver blade and the #GTP scuttle to keep this sweet concoction warm.

A lovely, close, comfortable shave on this #FriYay! The scents of fall in the air once again. It's great that PAA has decided to bring back Ciderhouse 5 as the scent is really excellent and is a nice alternative to Pumpk'n 3.14 (my review of that here: It will pair very well with Autumn Factory aftershave, among others.