SOTD - June 22, 2015


Shaving Product Review - Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements "Sangre de Drago" & "Amber"

I haven't been showing PAA Sangre de Drago #aftershave enough love; "saving it" because of it's relative "specialness." Today's SOTD is an attempt to correct that oversight!

The software is the story here; Sangre De Drago is a high-worth juice featuring Indonesian agarwood (oud)... An expensive, rare and awesome oil. Word from PAA is that this was created first as a labor of love - and it shows. This is some seriously awesome stuff. The sandalwood in the scent profile goes well with either Sandalwood or Amber products - in this case, I went with the latter as a #soap, to mix it up. And I do love it so. Amber is one of my favorites to come out of #PAA.

Hardware was the inimitable #BSB Shaving Brush, whipping the sweet zudz up in the #GTP scuttle. After a lazy weekend of not shaving at all - despite my serious desire to break out the #str8 again... It just wasn't happening. So I had quite a growth to mow down this morning and nothing does it better than the #Mühle #R41 razor - which I fitted with a spanky-new #Gillette 7 O'clock (black) blade... My go-to of choice that works in everything, is super sharp - yet also super smooth.

I had one of my best shaves in recent memory this morning... So smooth, so close... And damn, I smell GOOD! Shave on, brothers! Hope y'all had a great Father's Day!