SOTD - May 27, 2015

Razor Emporium

Shaving Product Review - Razor Emporium "King R. Emporium" and
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements "Gondolier"

Today's SOTD is all about classics. Making its shaving debut is my new #BSB Shaving Beast err, Brush! A modern take on the classic Rubberset.

Let's start with the hardware . Yesterday's test lather was a real tease. Easily whippin' up a metric assload of lather in the #GTP scuttle this morning, the brush made quick work of (literally) buttering my face with it as well. I bowl (scuttle) lather and tend to paint my face for the most part and it is absolutely perfect for that. No problem laying down a good 1/8" of the good stuff. Standing next to the #PAA 8oz. tin, you can see it's a beast - but handles well for its size! The big, dense knot overcomes two downsides to synth brushes; it holds plenty of heat and water, yet dries very quickly. The #Mühle STF XL knot was the right choice (and is also available from Mühle and EJ). The #Merkur #Futur handled the cleaving duties.

The software is also about classics... The Razor Emporium and PAA collaboration to recreate a 1920's #Gillette scent in King R. Emporium #soap is heavenly. I decided to mix it up with PAA Gondolier #aftershave and naturally the performance and scent do not disappoint! Nice "old world" and somehow "Italian smelling" potion!