SOTD - July 8, 2015

Dr. Jon's

Shaving Product Review - Dr. Jon's Shaving Soap Co. "Anne Bonny" and
Phoenix Artisan Accoutrements "Arctic Bay Rum"

Mike, Mike, Mike... Guess what baaaaaaaay it is?! That's right, it's the wet shaving camel's favorite SOTD... #HumpBay! Courtesy of PAA and Dr. Jon's Bay Rum scents!

The stars today include Dr. Jon's Anne Bonny #soap and PAA Arctic Bay Rum #aftershave. I raved about the new Arctic Hydra in yesterday's SOTD so I won't talk about performance today - it's a given! The scent is the #drjonssoapco take on bay rum, and It Is Good. Heavily influenced by black tea and notes of dark rum and lime, this is a fresh take on the ol' standby that is bay rum. Awesome. I paired it up with the equally awesome take on bay rum by #PAA which is unique in its own right - with a healthy(!) methol kick. "Fire and ice, baby!" is spot-on. Threw on the matching #deo to complete the package and seal the deal!

My torrid love affair with that hot Bulgarian number continues, unabated, with shave three... The #PolSilver blade is still smooth, still sharp - and I have none of that mild burn I typically experience using #Gillette 7 O'clock (black) or #Feather blades in the #Merkur #Futur razor (even on its mildest setting). These blades seem to stay smooth and sharp, and don't run hot like the others. I think I'm going to keep using the Futur/PolSilver combo every day and see how long we can work this.

The #Dovo silvertip badger brush is super soft, which I kept on the wetter side... The best way to lather up the croap that is Dr. Jon's, IMO. The #GTP scuttle kept the spicy lather contained and warm, wafting the delicious scent for the duration.

Ahoy, ye filthy, barnacled bilge wenches! Arrrrrrrgh. Anne Bonny was a pirate chick - and a badass one at that.