SOTD - July 22, 2016

The Holy Black

Shaving Product Review - The Holy Black Trading Company "Goldrush" and
Krampert's Finest "Frostbite"

Happy #FriYAY! Today's SOTD is brought to you by The Holy Black Goldrush limited edition #soap and Krampert's Finest Frostbite #aftershave!

I've reviewed the new #TheHolyBlack formula soap before - check out my review of Ramos Gin Fizz ( for more on the performance (in short, very nice!). Let's talk about the scent. Like the other, this one is subtle in strength as well. The scent profile is what they call permafrost - a fresh scent with peppermint up front and vanilla cream on the dry down. It smells really nice, mainly a creamy vanilla as advertised. I was chillin' like a vanillan. If Vanilla Ice had a namesake scent, it could be this... If it were a band, it'd be called Chilli Vanilli... Okay, I'll stop now. If you look closely at the soap (which I squished into an infamous KFC bowl) you can see bluish spots of peppermint. The cooling level is on par with Proraso Green or so.

It's supposed to get hotter than balls out starting this afternoon, so a little cooling action was called for. Enter Frostbite aftershave. Very nicely cooling, nice face feel. Score. Finished off with some Geir Ness #EdT because a woodsy, floral Norwegian scent seemed to fall in line with the rest of the shave...

Hardware today was the #StandardRazors razor and #PolSilver blade on shave four. Still awesome and lovin' it. For another switch up, I used my neglected #Mühle Silvertip Fibre synthetic brush. Good for creams, not so much soaps - but since the soap is über soft, it was a good match. Goes without saying that the #GTP scuttle kept the chilly suds warm.

Another great shave on one of my favorite days of the week. Great scent, great performance from all products and feeling sleek! For the Holy Black fans (myself included), future soap batches will have double the scent strength.