SOTD - August 5, 2016


Shaving Product Review - Barrister and Mann "Arctique" and
Laila "Geir Ness"

Happy #FriYAY! my brothers! One of my favorite summertime shaves, featuring Barrister and Mann Arctique #soap and #aftershave followed by Geir Ness #EdP!

I've done this shave before ( and and I've reviewed both Arctique ( and and #GeirNess ( before as well... So I won't repeat that here. Suffice to say, the performance all around of this software is lacking nothing!

Some minor notes though, on the Arctique. This is the older, pre-glissant formulation. I plan to pick up a tub of the new one - because #BarristerMann that's why. Either way, when you load this soap, because of the heavy level of menthol, be sure to load heavy - I use 25-30s worth. And don't be afraid to add water; even more than you might be used to with B&M soaps. Trust me; you'll get a great lather. It's also worth pointing out (again) that you should rinse your hands well after applying the splash... Lest you get a chilly willy, if you catch my drift.

Hardware today was the #Feather AS-D2 with a shimmed Feather blade on shave two. The #PolSilver in the #StandardRazors razor would have been on shave six today, so I'll wait until Monday to pop in a fresh blade for the week. The #BSB Shaving Brush and #GTP scuttle kept the face freezing suds... Warm.

Another lovely shave and one that I quite enjoy... Happy #FriYAY!